Jones Barn
Jones Barn
Jones Barn
Jones Barn
Jones Barn
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When renting the space, does it include the entire building?

Rental packages include access to all areas of chosen venue.

May I pay by credit card?

We accept cash, check, money orders.or wire transfer by credit card.

How do I secure a date for my event?
A deposit of half the rental fee along with a signed contract is required to secure a date for your event.
What kinds of permits/licensing are required?

In order to serve alcohol a liscenced bartender is required. 

Can we bring outside table and chair rentals?
No, unless a prior arrangment is made with the ranch owners.
What is the parking situation (how many cars)?

All venues have ample parking spaces.

Is there any type of outside space that may be used?

Willow Creek Ranch has several locations available for outdoor venues such as, balconies, ponds, gazebos, pavillions, and unique features including a restored Santa Fe Box car.

Can the deck be used for entertaining/extra space?
The Hilltop Barn deck has 3,000 square feet of upper and lower space that can be utilized during your event.
I’d like to decorate for my event. What guidelines must be followed?

The venues at WIllow Creek Ranch have endless possibilities for decorating for your event. All we ask is that you do not remove any items.

Can I visit the barn for planning purposes before the event?
We will be happy for you to come out before hand for planning purposes during prearranged times.

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