Jones Barn LLC

venue rentals and pricing

Ready to book The Jones Barn LLC for your wedding ceremony or corporate event?

Then start by calling us today at (817) 558-2608.

We're happy to schedule an initial consultation with you to view the venue and discuss your ideas for the special day.

As part of our pricing, we include everything a bride or party-goer needs for perfect the day including tables, chairs, tabletop d├ęcor, and beautiful indoor and outdoor settings!

50 Guests or less on Sunday-Friday, only $3,995

Saturday, $4,995

51-100 Guests for Sunday-Friday, only $4,995

Saturday $5,995

101-150 Guests for Sunday-Friday, only $5,495

Saturday, $6,995

151-200 Guests for Sunday-Friday, only $5,995
Saturday, $7,995

We have reduced rate for 3 or 6-hour micro weddings, small parties, etc. on R

Rates vary for Monday-Thursday and Friday-Saturday events.

Special days like 2/22/2022 and holidays may be excluded.

Note: Pricing is subject to change.

Call for more information.

What's Included

  • Your choice of venue
  • 40 tables

  • 400 white garden chairs

  • Outdoor pavilion or walkway
  • Gazebo
  • Dressing room areas
  • Beautiful country scenery
  • Staff and parking attendants

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